The Resurrection

In 2006 I reluctantly started my first blog, From the Desk of Janet Barclay, and discovered a passion for writing I never realized I had. Back then I blogged about both business and personal topics.

Eventually many of the posts became outdated, so I decided to take them down and focus on my other blogs: Your Organizing Business, Introvert Retreat and the Golden Horseshoe Virtual Assistants Group blog. Since then, this site has been just sitting here collecting cyber dust, and as much as I enjoy blogging for business, I really miss writing about my personal interests.

It seemed only fitting that I resurrect my old blog with a new name: Away from my desk! Here you can expect to read about my adventures in reading, photography, and healthy living, causes I support, and anything else that may inspire me.

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    • Thank you, Kathy! I was inspired in part by your post, November Beauty. I’ve been wanting to get back into photography, but didn’t have enough of an incentive. Now that I have a good place to share and talk about my photos (and other things), I’m all set!

  1. This is great, Janet! I love the look and feel. I’m delighted to read that you are taking time for yourself. I’m having the opposite problem: I enjoy my gardening blog, and take very little time for my organizing blog.

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