For My Inner Child

We don’t get much mail these days, and when we do, it’s pretty boring: bills, cheques (well maybe those aren’t boring), reminders to book various medical appointments, and so on. But yesterday brought me not one but two lovely surprises!

  1. An advance review copy of Ms. Rapscott’s Girls which I won in a Goodreads giveaway. I knew it was on its way, but didn’t expect to get it so quickly. It’s for ages 8-12 but it sounds delightful!
  2. A paper doll from Mabel’s Labels with clothing and accessories. Since it’s Mabel’s 12th birthday (I’ve known her since she was a baby), I’m supposed to dress her up, take her picture, and share it on social media. As much as I’d love to do that, I’m afraid she will have to wait until I have time to cut out the pieces.

Do you think the universe is telling me to slow down and have some fun?

I’ll try and do that real soon, but in the meantime, I’m happy to be reminded of the hours and hours my sister and I spent playing with the Dozen Cousins paper dolls (or as we called them, cut-outs). 🙂

playing with paper dolls

I just realized that Mabel is just the right age for Ms. Rapscott’s Girls – maybe we can read it together!


  1. Janet, I’ve really noticed the ‘away from your desk’ you blossoming since you started this blog. I think reading Ms. Tapscott’s Girls to Mabel is a fabulously fun idea. Can’t wait to see what happens next at “Away from my Desk”.

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