The Canadian Reading Challenge: Saskatchewan

Happy belated New Year! How is 2016 going for you so far?

I thought I’d start The Canadian Reading Challenge in Alberta and work my way alphabetically through the provinces and territories. I’ve had Good to a Fault by Marina Endicott on my shelf for about a year, and thought it would do nicely, since the back page stated that the author lives in Edmonton and the synopsis on the back cover mentions that the family “had been travelling to a new life in Fort McMurray.”

The family in question is en route from Manitoba to Alberta to start a new life when the main character, Clara Purdy, crashes into their car. Feeling responsible for their situation, she takes them under her wing and moves them into her house. Since they never actually make it out of the small town in Saskatchewan where the accident takes place, after reading it, I decided it would be more appropriate to count this as my Saskatchewan book.

I enjoyed the novel and found all the characters, from baby Pearce to grandmother Mrs. Pell, to be interesting and believable. Endicott addresses ethical and emotional subjects questions in a way that is entertaining yet thought-provoking.

I wasn’t familiar with this author before, but I plan to explore her other work, and I recommend it, whether or not you’re planning to participate in The Canadian Reading Challenge.

If you’d like to join the Challenge, please leave a comment or send me a message so I can add you to the Canadian Reading Challenge Pinterest board!


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